22 April – If I remember this day next year?

The day, 22 April has passed. It's 23rd April's night. Awake again tonight. Not sure if it's the fear, hope, dreams, worried sick or just sick? Being sick and loaded with tones of to-do list tasks really drains your energy before you even get to mark off the tasks. And I'm totally drained. Why don't… Continue reading 22 April – If I remember this day next year?


Fallen Sleepless Night

April 14, 2014. Day of a new beginning probably. A Working day. That seems incomplete. Missing a life in it. I had a rough day of 13th April. Seems more like a haunted day with the title of 31th April.  A Thousand thoughts and a cyclone.  I felt sinking down and whining out for lil… Continue reading Fallen Sleepless Night

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Yearn the Yarn of Love

Just like each thread knitted into the swirls, loops and knots of this pretty flower, I wished to knit our love into a blooming flower... Whether I wanted to crochet the pattern of our lives around love or hate, I never could sense. In the end the flowers are gone. My flowers are all gone.… Continue reading Yearn the Yarn of Love