April 11, 2014

This date. I would actually like to state that I hate this date since for ever. Last year or maybe last to last year, the same date and I remember how bad it was. A fight. A dispute of hearts and everything destroyed. Once again.. nothing changed. Everything repeated but even worse. I wish I could go back and either changed myself or just destroy the very first day my heart softened for the warmth of love. If love was the warmth of hearts, it can be the fire to burn you down from crowns to sands. If love could be your smile and hope, it can be your choice to weep, struggle and die of despair. 

I wished I had died the first day we began the disputes.  I wouldn’t be alive to walk such a long path of despair and pain. And you’d be free to go without me, with freedom and memories of just goodness.


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