Fallen Sleepless Night

April 14, 2014. Day of a new beginning probably. A Working day. That seems incomplete. Missing a life in it.
I had a rough day of 13th April. Seems more like a haunted day with the title of 31th April.  A Thousand thoughts and a cyclone.  I felt sinking down and whining out for lil sleep last night. A really small part of a good night sleep. Ah. The whole night I changed side to side to find a perfect corner or a better part of the pillow. It could be colder and softer.  Flipped the pillow upside down. Moved and tried to fit my head in the perfect round. Clinged to the blankets like a scared child would do when he couldn’t find his mummy’s lap to sleep upon.. Watched the ceiling with sleepy and dreaded eyes. O sleep if you could come to me. Turned to the left with arm under the pillow and closing my eyes tightly I could hear my heart beating faster. Faster than ever. The whole night. I could get no sleep but the fear. The fear of loneliness and the worry of trouble.
The clock kept moving faster and faster.  I once saw it was 12.30, then the ticking went even faster and it was 2 am. I tried harder and harder. I missed the sleep of those nights when I had my best friend with me. I would wake that person with a single second’s fear and could be relieved with just the shadow of that person with me. I wished your presence every time I opened my eyes to know that I am not able to relieve my body out of sadness and fear. I followed the clock again in the dilemma,  it was 4.15am. I welled up tears of sleeplessness and lovelessness.. I heard my heart again. Turned to the wall, I was on bed, tightly held my blanket that if I could find you in my dream and hug you before you left.. I called on for you.. I did.. I wept and in the mid of the cyclone I hear the alarm.. 5.15am.
Leaving all my wishes on that wet pillow, I wake up with hollow sleepless eyes. I have to get ready for a new day. Without you..how is it going to be?


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