22 April – If I remember this day next year?

The day, 22 April has passed. It’s 23rd April’s night. Awake again tonight. Not sure if it’s the fear, hope, dreams, worried sick or just sick? Being sick and loaded with tones of to-do list tasks really drains your energy before you even get to mark off the tasks. And I’m totally drained. Why don’t I get to sleep if my battery seems down?

Well, some days you feel like throwing up your thoughts onto a paper. I’m not inclined at all to do this. Not a big fan of ‘genuine writing experience’.

I overheard or misunderstood; but I heard people saying that for this day where you’re working your socks off and straining your 206 bones to do all the tasks; worrying each day like never before. Will you remember this day the next year? This day will not have a meaning even on your calender. AND you might be wishing you go return to this day of the previous year, setting off again with better hopes.

That was what I came to know from around. But well, is that really so? I doubt it. All right, you might forget it, not value it, but how can you deny it? I mean being quite to the point: The day today will have an impression on your personality, no matter it might be of just .09%. But it will. Our memory might kick those days into unconscious areas of our brain, but the spell each day engraves on your heart and head can’t be erased. I’m not the same as I was yesterday. And I cannot be. The day you might have been promoted or got married, would you not remember it? Yes, you will. Likewise the unnecessary days also mark an important day of your life. You might not remember it, but you inhaled oxygen that day too and alive till now to read this. Isn’t it?

Each day has its own colour. I believe that. True that you might yearn to go back to April 22, 2013. But I’m sure you’ll miss being in this year. Even if 50% of what you need now lies in the days of previous year , yet you’ll regret abandoning the rest of the world of later.

I don’t blame myself or anyone for being squeamish of the past or the present. Although I’m struggling myself to get back a part of 2011 back. I trust myself at least to this bit that I wouldn’t let a few mistake done on that part again or I’ll try being gentle to deal with it. Or to the minimum I can do is try. Human natures is such probably. We either are unhappy or just happy. Not satisfied. Still, Alhumdullilah!

The worries of today might be of no use today but tomorrow you’ll be the outcome of what you do today and how you react to each moment. I’ll remember this day the next year, if I’m alive though. Difference is; if I’ll be able to recall it or just forsake it. Each day



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