Death of Emotions

Welcomed love as shelter from vice,
Blind faith entrusted that dignifies.
Essence was far from virtual understandings.
Accepted now, love is an aisle to odious fires.
As skin has endured painful scars,
From alluring love to deadly lies.
Noxious gray fumes of other’s cravings,
Sold angelic heart for ash’s price.
Expectations became cursed desires,
For are sins to early demise.

Fear, fall, yet stand again,
All signs of awakening lights.
But now, vague hope of return ends,
Whispering silently mere dark skies.
Death of all emotions has befallen,
Abandoned spirit, at last loner now dies.
Never-ending agony had screamed highest,
A creased corpse nonetheless will rise!
Oh!Love ,a beautifulest name to betrayal,
Is nothing above than a fiendish device.

October 24th, ’09


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