To Their Souls..

To your soulI could see something when I stood up. Far in the grassy gardens I saw fallen blooms. Times when I was broken, these blooms were a glimpse to new hopes. How? Did I know them trewly? Confused. I bent down and pondered deep into their petals. They were weak but beautiful in themselves. Listened to them and stood still.

But soon I stood up angrily! What rubbish. They are silent! I ran far..  Steps forwarding hastily, I stopped with a sudden beat. It was them. They called me. They called my name. Tears ran down and rushing back to them.. I looked down again, they had a beating heart. And I could hear my name in it.

I lied down with them. Breathing with them and looking at the bright green, I could hear them speaking to me and smiling with me. To their souls, I could reach now. I could count on them, and they on me.

To their souls..


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