The Cake You Never Ate

Sweet as I'm
The Cake You Never Ate

I always knew love is an amazing feeling. It should be a world of bliss and ecstasy all around you. Love doesn’t promise a life without worry and cumbersomeness. But true love promises you that it will always provide you a satisfaction, a relief you wished for. Right beneath all the tensions you face daily at your workplace, on the street, in the busy markets, piles of responsibilities waiting for you, your own needs, your own dreams and a huge to-do lists- right beneath all those worries is the cutest part lying quietly. I really wanted to use the word “cute”. Because the loveliest part of being in love is ‘the cuteness”; even when you have reached your old age. That cutest part in your life is your true love, the love for your wife, your husband – your life partner. And of course before that; it’s your parents and your siblings. I remember for myself when I used to stand for my younger brother in front of somebody who was bigger in size and older than me. I would take up fights for him that, “Ye lay a finger on him, and you are gone.” That was awesome. I cherish those times. We all do. Ya!

But love fails. Relations fail. Lives fail too. Hearts shatter to pieces to a point where you can never recombine them to one piece, no matter how loving spouse you find later in your life. Your shadow follows you throughout your life during a certain time of day; this is how your feelings cram into your heart to still reflect back into your gone past and regret during a certain time of life. Who knows where you failed, who knows where you mistook yourself or your partner or your life.

Out of couple of factors, one is; your own self. If ever we knew we let down our own self prior to everyone around us. You’re frustrated over a wrapper on the table or annoyed with a towel that’s hanging already but not in a neat fashion. It just hooks up into your brain in the form of an irritating handle that keeps rattling every time you leave or enter your house triggering the stress part of your brain. Until you fix it up to be at peace with it, you have gathered enough anger in you that you’ll throw up on somebody around you and if you’re with your spouse, mostly probably that’s the victim.

“When you can’t give no more
They want it all but you gotta say no
I’m turnin’ off the noise that makes me crazy
Lookin’ back with no regrets
To forgive is to forget
I want a little piece of mind to turn to” A single released in 1986 by Journey

Just be good, to yourself too. I know of someone being just good, too good. Not to his self. What really matters is if you were and are good to yourself, to your own authentic self. Write yourself something that lets your agony out, try out the ways to ease your wants, make time out for yourself. Having bad hair and you didn’t bother to trim in months, or bothered to even look at your pile of books? That you could read and relax? Give it a go. That’s all. May be your spouse still needs to see your excitement for a lil’ piece of cake that she left for you. But you won’t bother, because you are so confused that either this cake is for me or is it just to lure me. You doubt, you stress and you struggle. You cannot be at peace with anybody unless you’re with yourself. Out of all the responsibilities, let your heart breathe.

I really believe for a fact that there lays happiness just under your nose, but first you need to inhale the fragrance yourself before you let your fragrance and shine spread around. You want to spread love. You want to be an angel. But you need some goodness of yourself so that the love you want from other, the acceptance you want from others makes you believe that you really did something. You achieved a goal you looked for. Love gives your life back, your love can, just give it a chance. Where love is a blissful ecstasy, don’t let it collapse to a burden, a cell for you. You’re not happy with yourself never meant you were not happy with your partner or you cannot be. Give it a chance before you end it.


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