July 13th, 2015 12.40AM

I am extremely exhausted. Wouldn’t have this planning been there, I would have had a day spent in studying. And the days of Ramadan come to end soon. I regretfully believe I couldn’t keep up and encourage myself to do much more in this blessed month.
Being in multiple roles and then a sinful human; it takes a lot of courage to carry the burden of so many other responsibilities altogether. Brushing under bristles of daily lives, I miss my best friend. Couldn’t you teach me being a better human than building a mountain of grudge in your heart and guilt in mine? I wished your presence, your support more than anything.
You know when I told you, just go! Just leave! Leave me alone, on my own! Let me live the way I used to be! In every dreadful word I spoke, I couldn’t speak up the truth. STAY! I just couldn’t tell you to stay with me. I am sorry..


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