July 19, 2015 8.24pm

It’s been a month since we last talked nicely, being at least friends. Time seems to be passing by too quickly but my world has collapsed. My own universe is lost into the mist; and I am helpless. I can just hope and pray. A feeble amount of hope and my trust would mean nothing that’s of concrete value in anybody’s eyes; to me it is the only straw I could and ever hold on. I am holding on to the love that lived in our lives. What if it is strong enough? It could straight everything right isn’t it? But what if, what if it’s just a dream I am longing for and nothing is worth it. Ha, I do not wish to believe this fear. I can hope, but I cannot crucify those dreams we dreamt from such a long time. BELIEVE! I believe in Him! Don’t people get along after tremendous adversities and negativity? They do.
That’s it. So we have a deal. I believe. I lay my trust fully into those dreams being fulfilled. I believe, those promises shall be granted. It is blind or bright, I wish my hopes to last until I really know I am down the road of life empty-handed, and I would know; I was superfluously earning a future.


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