July 27th, 2015 3.32am

More than a month passed by now. How awfully the time passes and humans helplessness in dreams yet stays the same.
I am drained. It’s dawn while I am sitting in front my laptop since the last afternoon. It’s back-aching to Google, study and find out the answers to your questions. I am solving an assignment of physics. Ah, what a subject! I had ultimate love for it and the same is draining me down to brainlessness.

This assignment is highly confusing; so is my life. Finding answers to the questions of an assignment or solutions to my dreams? What am I going through and what is it going to serve me? I am in absolute oblivion; but a faithful belief that I’ll reach my dreams. It’s not far I bet. If He wills. I dealt with myself, I will believe. I shall trust the unbelievable to the core. That was the only choice I was left with. After spending the day today, I am convinced. Love shall find its way through thick and thin. I believe so.

If ever you read this, I would be telling you I knew you will never leave us apart.
We can try our bests to be together. We shall. Faith and destinies could meet when our wills would.
I wish to live in a heart worth loving. You deserve happiness.


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