July 28th, 2015 2.55am – The Fire Tonight

It’s not an odd night, but at heart I feel a grief that engulfs me often through the nights. And it is a Sunday, there’s a lot to do by morning. I am not sleeping; I guess I am supposed to.
But anyway, just a few minutes ago there was a fire in our area. It’s awful to come across so many cases of fire break-out in various areas of UAE. Why so? Is it the heat, environment, people’s ignorance or is it just meant to be? Nearly 2.00 am when I stood up from my working area to peep into the hall, and joined mom in watching something I disliked. In a 10 minutes gap-more or less, I was bored and came back to my area. With the windows side, my laptop’s screen glow broke through the darkness, as I sat down I heard sirens alarming up. Amazed by the night’s time and the need of police, I stood quickly, gazed through the window glass. It was a fire in one of the villas nearby.
Police cars with their frightening sirens and flashing red and blue lights gave me a rush through the spine. I had never seen such a sight before. I couldn’t see the flames thankfully, but yellow-orange blazes showed up a little. Dark smoke in an even darker sky was fearful. I woke my mother up who was still drowsing now and settling to sleep. Her anxious sounds in concern and fear woke my little brother. He hurried to wear his shirt and left out to the scene; while we ladies fetched our scarfs went up to the roof. We could do nothing as of help except praying for the safety of lives.
Thanks to the security measures of this country, three fire brigades, police cars and ambulance had already reached before we even noticed anything. Standing on the roof I looked fixedly at the spot where the smoke was coming from and mumbled prayers. Humidity was at its peak. Sweating and worried, I looked down my building, people who had just finished their night shifts, were returning to see some hustle. Some rushed quickly to the scene, while others simply went ahead to their homes; burned out of their work already.
Soon we came back when the fire seemed calming down, and my brother had come back too. “It was a small villa on fire, everything is fine except for some materialistic loss and damages to the house. Fire Engines were on time”, he told.
Yet I am frightened. By the night.

Thank you for stopping by and reading.


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