Creating Your Illusions Yourself – Online Friendships

You Create Your Illusions Yourself.

Someone said, “Happiness is just an illusion caused by the temporary absence of reality.” How right was the author! Though “someone”, actually my bestest of friends tried to prove it wrong in his words. I quote him here, “This statement is absolutely wrong. What is cold? Absence of heat. Similarly what is sadness? Absence of Happiness. Reality can either be good or bad. It does not mean that happiness is a derived feeling which occurs when there is absence of reality.” Honestly, I would have deeply appreciated this and even would accept it, unless I would not have felt the illusional happiness.
Happiness never stays forever or longer enough, to satisfy this human’s heart; just as the sunshine of the day. Friendship is a mutual relation which fills all the emptiness one endures, delighting one’s soul. It is what everyone desires, even a newly born baby.
I am inclined towards the happiness we find in friends, best friend or bestest of friends.
Where do we find our best friend? Well, instead of a ‘real’ friend, we seldom find our love, our satisfaction, our need of friendship in internets. We SEARCH it on-line. We CREATE it in our Mailbox. How pathetic of us humans! It disappoints me. It ultimately does.
Reality is not a pancake to digest, it’s bitter. We cannot deny the truth of not having a sincere friend beside us; so we wander in search of one. Our failure to find the love and contentment around us; in our real world, urges us to seek it in the virtual world. There, we imagine it or are often fed and then we begin living in it. We adorn it with our ideas, our wishes and hopes of contentment.
Love and friendship on the internet seems more magical than real. People are more likely to seem caring while writing to each other than in real. Why? It is because one doesn’t know how a person is in real; neither the tone of the person sitting behind the other screen, nor his reactions in certain situations. The way one imagines the other, that’s how a person seems to him in his dream-world.
Now that depends how far one is doubtless about his creation of an illusion or how close his imagination is to the real existence
I seem inspired by the movie “Inception”, isn’t it? I am, kind of, since it relates to my subject quite thoroughly.
An unstated and restless human desire to share his feelings with someone who interests him, one who somehow quenches his thirst of being cared. Once someone such is miraculously found, he discovers hidden excitement in him. He requires no time in falling for his newly made friend. He finds that internet friend so loving, so very intriguing that nothing else matters than being online. Or maybe, he starts managing his time to spend with his internet friend.
He spends his day smiling to himself. Even a lamest joke will cause him to burst into a huge laughter. A single misunderstanding can keep him awake the whole night ! He would keep checking his ‘Mailbox’, if any message is received or not. Sight seems engraved on letters I-N-B-O-X waiting for the reply of his beloved friend. One seems satisfied when he shares his whole day’s trouble with his virtual friend when he finds him available.
But again, how such illusionary relations can overcome every reality? Relations which exist ‘on-line’; born in ‘chats’ and live in ‘computers’; can they be doubtless? What’s the strength of a relation which becomes meaningless when internet connections are lost? Is it losing your so-called ‘happiness’? All right, even if such relations get deeper enough, then what of the distance in between those two computers? One even fear to cross that distance and get together in the very REAL world rather than on screens. Just because they’d fear IF their own created illusion WILL meet the reality or they molded the reality much as they wanted.
We always think as we wish to. Often we are aware; not oblivion at all, but we refuse to accept that we are creating unacceptable bonds and in the end it is we who will suffer from the truth, the hurtful truth of facing the reality.
Dreaming is always easier, implementation tougher and reality; unbelievable.

~ Dec 30th, 2010

Thank you for your time.


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