August 1, 2015 1:55am

Another day alone. Another whole day spent in mere thoughts of “ifs, whats, whys, whens, coulds, shoulds..” Five years of dreams, wishes, longings, promises and the wait; would it all come to an end? Courage to end or risk to face it? How to explain you. How do I understand you. The explanations, arguments, reasons and circumstance were against the flow of our core belief.
How long will we stay bonded to each other without being together? Time. Only time could answer this question. I am weakened to my knees, so you are. I am tired of asking myself the questions nobody can answer for me. It’s heart-breaking to just have questions, dig deeper into conscious and still find emptiness.
Trust & Wait. I do not trust life. If life was not uncertain, I would wait forever. I will.
My dreams do fulfill, but they cost struggle and an infinite struggle. You told there is a time for everything, I believe you. I was just overwhelmed with the insecure emotions.

“محفل ضرور هے، مگر اک کمی سی هے…”


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