August 8th, 2015 11.24pm

I am sorry. That’s all I think I would want to write tonight.
My sorries and my apologies are so useless I know. I can never take back what I caused to you and if ever my words, actions will pacify your aching heart. I wish I can take back your pain.
You know, the time began when our universe was lost, I always thought how you would survive my worst of decisions. I knew you would be suffering. Why didn’t I think more of us than myself? I should have never called to end the reason of us living and surviving. My anger hunted my love down.. I am sorry for being so cruel and stupid.
Emptiness and loneliness, the life has actually left us both, leaving just the emptiness behind. And I am the cause..

ناراض مت رهو…”

You told me I have to find a way out. I have to find a way to undo my terribly miserable mistakes. I grieved both of us which could have been avoided. People die, they lost their loves in something they could never change and I had let you go for stupid reasons. Even if I was angry and upset with you or you were with me, I needed you.
I promise myself, to not let you go. Stay. I will trust you. I will trust our future together and most of all, I will never forget we love each other.
Years ago when I said I loved you, I didn’t know then this love is strong enough. I promise I will not give you the reasons to be angry with you. I will become a good wife, a good friend and a good life partner. I have no other goals, when I have you. Stay…


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