August 15th, 2015 4.50am

Hello again. Well, another day gone in the mist of worrying, approaching, promising, missing and yet finding happyness. Yes, I wrote ‘y’ in there. I loved that movie, especially that we both loved it. Doesn’t the ‘y’ suit more in there?
Easier to recall 45 days of holidays, One thousand and Eighty hours of staying free, or 64800 minutes of laziness! They just passed by. You know this disgust me, how insanely I spent the time without you, while I longed it so badly? Especially an Eid, the day couples dress up together, would pray together and feast upon their times of Ramadan. Time is gone. I regret.
Tomorrow’s another first day at school, being a teacher, a brand new year. I am promoted. I was supposed to be happy. But I am not. I am thankful I have better opportunities now. I wanted to share the happiness with you, and I could not. That day I missed how you were always the first person I would quickly text. And amazingly how fast I type your number is such that often when I need to type in my number, unconsciously I add yours.  I should have messaged you or not..? What I did was so inhuman that I was embarrassed to even tell you about a promotion. Would I be again even crueler? Something didn’t let me text you.
I am tired.
So much to do, so less the time, so much to love, so less the courage to.


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