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Pinky Promises, Lil’ Words..

Pinky Promises and Lil Words photo Pinky Promises and Lil Words_zpsp81yqmsm.png

Forever, time and time again;
Never could have there been pain,
Oh I Fell in love with a gentle man;
Intimately lived a beautiful plan,
Love was deep, adorned, and cared;
We were happy and perfectly paired!
See what I did, how naïve it was!
So rude and wildly I clenched claws,
Injured you, tore your dreams;
Broke your heart, your eve of gleams.
Even if my pinky promises, lil’ words,
Seem tales and illusive songs of birds
I am sorry what all I am, all I did,
Insecurities, doubts, and theories I hid
Ruined every time our canvas; could be,
Painted in jewels of joys, and only glee,
Once I pledge to throw away my blues,
Allow me to wear your soulful hues.
Oh, I desire for our fulfilling blisses,
When you’d lock me with love, kisses.
Stay up, cuddle until we fall asleep,
Those are my beautiful wishes with you I keep..

19, July, ‘16



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