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Hope and Peace

Hope and Peace photo Scamper-for-Web_zpsbc2lolon.jpg
Picture is not enough to convey the somatic sensation that I experienced while capturing this very scene. Although the dramatic effect, the dark shadows everywhere, of everything and posed silhouettes of those people seem to tell a a very sad story, deepening the meaning of this capture; I find a hope in it.

Sun, enveloping the whole scenario, sending the light from behind, does not lose its way. It shows up right on time, before we humans even wake up. Such is the unified way of the sun. While the man, seeks and scampers.

The children are hastily moving around; seeking fun, joy, security and happiness. They’ll grow out to be the men, who would still be restless, scared of the unknown, finding the right spot and will scamper through the whole life, to find one thing. Peace

The sun is the hope in them, but sometimes man does not look at realities that shine too bright. Because he cannot see beyond it, he can only doubt it.

DailyPrompt: Scamper


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