Quill – You Didn’t Try


Why does it have to hurt you when it is meaningless to others? It is the worst feeling to have been hurt for something that others do not even have an idea of! 

Sensitivity is one trait sometimes I admire; it makes us human. I feel like knowing.. how it feels like to work from morning in scorching heat till drained to last drop of sweat, how helpless it is not be able to read and ask someone to help you understand some message even, how the self-respect of labour is ruined and made them suffer just because they are poor, how is it to wait for someone to feed you..

This was one side of sensitivity to admire, the other side is dark and overwhelming.

Being sensitive to some extent was reasonable, but oversensitive to the tone, movement of eyes, hands and words of the ones who are your everything: it is deadly. Yes, I mean it deadly. The  people you love do not even mean to hurt you, or maybe just doing something regular as they are by nature or by personality; they do not wish to hurt you. But all you feel is miserably pinched down your spine. Tears roll down for NO reason! And when you word your issues open, the discussion runs down to be just YOUR issue, just your issue. It breaks your heart to know how dependent you’re and cannot allow yourself a part of freedom. And I believe, sensitive people turn really bad, into selfish monsters or they seem so. When they feel consistently unheard, untouched and overwhelmed, they can be self-centered.. then the world says: “You are mean. ” 

O Quill! Being oversensitive to the storming  winds does not harm the winds, it gives you a blow so hard, you’ll bend, break and never recover.. But you were supposed to only use your ability write, you should have just written, and left silently. Stayed in your pot, even when the winds spilled your ink.  You shouldn’t have turned into a monster! See, what have you done! You took the smiles, the joy away from your poems people loved to read.. 

Says Quill; “I am sorry for being rubbish..”





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