Opprobrious Mortals(Bury Humanity)

 photo Bury Humanity_zpsrb6a0b0e.png

Opprobrious Mortals
Materialism is all that runs – Through his cold-blooded heart
Forgetful of sentiments – Hollow is his talk
Greed, lust and malice – Has deadened his walk
Silent death surrounds him – All he fears is the naught
Survives man a futuristic life – Fashioned as the aura of obsessions
Either starvation or detestation – Oblivious of sufferer’s afflictions
Though sees, hears, understands – But at last, shrugs in ignorance
Wonder if this misery will ever fade? – Never until prejudice in mortals ends
~Seek Freedom or Face Requiem
January 7th, ’09

For me the image depicts buried and captured humanity behind bars of futuristic life.. where there are no more sentiments, just self-obsession. Beauty of humanity is seized behind ignorance and materialism.

My poem refers to modern era’s biggest flaw we try to pull away from..


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