Sometimes it is very humiliating and hurtful when you’re constantly feeling unheard. It’s such an awful feeling to have a friend but it is too realize your opinions do not matter. You’re worthlessly putting the effort towards one joint idea, while on the other side, it’s only about their own idea, their own opinions and their preferences. You are just being a pendulum thrown here to there, sometimes on your own side and sometimes on the other.

I couldn’t find a reason to keep going. Love isn’t enough to keep me strong and give all my efforts to something that is rooted to loosing self-respect and about self-opinionated person. It is horrible to know how some people can be stubborn to keep their opinion although it is known to them how deeply it scratches the wound of torn self-respect and love once there was..

Giving up is easier than going on with deep remorse and acknowledging that it will never change. I wish there was no love in the first place, it wouldn’t have given meaning to words such as hurt, hate, guilt and most of all.. need..


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