Happily Blog with Loneliness!

I choose to blog, not to have fun with likes, shares and comments. I love to blog to relieve my emotions, pain, agony and anxiety. It heals me deeply; treats me with the therapy of words.
Blogging is an art of throwing up I say; because I throw up my emotions without revising, editing and just purely jotting every word through my heart’s spell check.
Blogging is talking to myself, with zipped up and screaming.

Photography is what I love, it shows what I felt, and perceived. Captured through lens and composed with a crowd of meaningless, unpredictable, worthy or worthless, I don’t know, but I saved it.

Human has nothing to look forward on. It’s a part of Illusion. Afterlife is a truth and humans never work for it, except for special ones. I ain’t of them, of course. Ordinary, somewhere in the stardust, a tiny wish.

I hope to happily blog my lone wishes.


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